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Understanding the Web Design Process: The Steps We Follow to Create Your Perfect Website

Did you know there are approximately 1.94 billion active websites on the internet?

With so many websites active on the web, it might be difficult for your website to stand out. If you own a business, it's important to make sure your business website stays sharp.

If you're ready to take that step and don't know what the web design process is like, this article is for you. Read on to learn more.

1. Initial Client Consultation

Upon meeting with a client, a web design agency's goal is to gather as much information about the business, the vision, and goals for the website. It's also important to gather information about what has worked and not worked in the past to develop a new marketing strategy.

An initial consultation allows the agency to meet the client on a deeper level, and it benefits future collaboration.

2. Work Proposal

Once our team has a general overview of what the client is looking for, the next step is to put together a proposal to share with the client.

In the proposal, the agency will outline the scope of the work and the expected timeline. For example, the proposal will include site features, site maps, and specific content features.

If the client agrees with all of the terms of the proposal, it's time to sign the contract and begin the work.

3. Marketing Strategy

Because web design takes some time to create, our team will also focus on the marketing strategy for the website and the business. At The Brand Agency, for example, our design department puts together an inspiration board tailored for every customer.

Before plans for the design board start, The Brand Agency sends all new clients a questionnaire to ensure we collect as much information as possible. In the inspiration board, we will give the client the first look at every aspect of the web design such as color schemes, content, and the blog page.

4. Website Creation

After the client and our designers finish all of the rounds of revisions, it's time to finalize the main design before the digital package gets completed.

Once the digital design is finalized, the client reviews it and sends back any last-minute revisions that might arise.

5. Product Polish and Deliver

At The Brand Agency, once the last round of revisions is complete, we put together a complete brand style guide. Designers put together the new logo, color palette, social media icons, and more.

Clients receive the complete product via PDF for one last review before they're ready for launch and print.

6. Website Launch

After the website has been completed, The Brand Agency holds a tutorial to teach the client everything they need to know about their new website. Once everything has been finalized and the client is familiar with all the systems, the website is ready to launch.

How We Create the Web Design Process

Now that you know more about the web design process, you're ready to let The Brand Agency give you a hand. The first step is to meet with the client, put together a proposal, make revisions, and launch the new site.

Are you ready to update your website and re-launch your brand? Let The Brand Agency help you. Contact us for more information.

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